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This years competition

Welcoming Visitors to Our Wet & Wild

The first international tourists are heading back to our shores to holiday in our beautiful country, but humans are not the only species who travel. Did you know that we host many animals, birds, reptiles, insects and fish every year? Animal migration has fascinated humans for millennia. And for good reason: Some of the most astonishing feats of endurance are performed by long-distance migrants daily or seasonally, and they do it without a compass, GPS or maps! Animals often migrate to find resources like food or shelter that vary throughout the day or year, or to undergo a specific part of their lifecycle.

Each week our clues will take you on a journey to wetlands in Australia. Your students will find out about the plants and animals that live in there. 

2022 Winners!

Scientific Super Stars  160*

Bundanoon PS              - Wedge-tailed Eagles

Hornsby North PS         - Turquoise

Mayfield West Demonstration School - 5/6A

Tottenham Central School - Yr5

                                                - Yr6

160 Point Stars

Adelong PS               - Hippos

Brungle PS                - Wiradjuri Warriors

Garah PS                   - Garah

Matthew Pearce PS   - Waratahs

Tweed Heads South Public School    - Mibin

Wahroonga PS          - 6G

Westmead PS           - 6P



Use the proforma to return your answers. 

Email back to by 12 noon on Friday each week.

Please help:

We ask for your help to speed up marking. We are teachers too and mark over the weekend.

1. Have your clues in by the deadline, 12 noon each Friday.

2. Please put them in numerical order on the answer sheet.

The easier you make it on the markers the quicker the scores and answers will be posted. Thank you


Total each week of 40 marks.

4 marks for a correct animal or plant common name.

If that is correct, then 1 mark for each correct clue. 

The species has to be correct for the clues to be marked. Each clue can only be used once.

A team may get a species correct but not all the clues (4 marks for the species and then up to 6 marks for the correct clues).

Scientific Super Stars

Many species have similar common names. To add to the challenge you can submit the scientific name as proof that you have done your research, just like a scientist.

If the team does submit all the correct scientific names and clues they get their name on the Scientific Super Star list on the website but no extra marks.

Those teams that get the common names and clues all correct are also listed on the website.

HOWEVER there is a risk; if a team have a correct common name but use the incorrect scientific name eg for an overseas species or one that lives in a different location, the team get no points as it is the incorrect species.

We have set it that way so teachers can choose which degree of difficulty their students may wish to compete at.


The correct answers for each session will be published here on completion of marking.

Week 1 Answers

Week 2 Answers

Week 3 Answers

Week 4 Answers


Team progressive scores

If your team does not have a score beside your name we have not received your entry (or oops we have made a mistake). Please send us an email to check.

Week 4

Score table 

40 point Scientific Super Stars this week- All correct including scientific names.

Armidale City PS       - ACPS Blue

Bundanoon PS          - Wedge-tailed Eagles

Calare PS                     - Yr 6

Carrington PS            - 5/6 Shining Stars

Dulwich Hill PS          - 5/6B

Dungowan PS            - Dungowan Detectives

Goulburn North PS    - Stage 3

Hornsby North PS     - Turquoise

Mayfield West Demonstration School - 5/6A

                                    - 5/6 D

                                    - 5/6 RP

Mouamein PS           - Bottlebrushes

                                - Platypuses

                                - Thorny Devils

Murray Farm PS        - 4R Victorious Vipers

Neville PS                 - Stage 3

Rutherford PS           - Swampy Soldiers

                                    - Darth Wetland

                                    - The Bees Knees

Toongabbie PS          - 6C

Tottenham Central School - Yr5

                                    - Yr6

Wahroonga PS          - 6R

Westmead PS           - 6P

40 points - All correct.

Adelong PS               - Hippos

Alexandria Park Community School - 5/6 WS Team 3 Waterfowls

Brungle PS                - Wiradjuri Warriors

Crookwell PS             - Kookaburra

- Magpies

Garah PS                   - Garah

Matthew Pearce PS   - Wallabies

- Waratahs

Newrybar PS             - Newrybar Native Warriors

Terry Hills PS            - 6/5 R

Tweed Heads PS        - Mibin

Ulmarra PS               - The Wandering Bin-Chickens

Wahroonga PS          - 6C

                                    - 6G