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Energy Investigators (Incursion)

Squishy Circuits

House investigation

Stage 3

Students engage in practical investigation using various techniques and equipment to obtain data to allow them to decipher different types of energy sources, how energy is transformed, and expand on their comprehension of scientific concepts of energy sources and sustainability. 

Discuss with us about selecting one activity listed below or all 3 activities for a full day program. 

Activities (approximately 1 hour in duration):

  • Squishy Circuits-  Students will collaborate to build a working electrical circuit to light an LED bulb using Squishy Circuit kits. Students will be able to identify various circuit components and explain their function.
  • Sustainable House Design- Students will investigate and collect data on solar panels output and direction, wind speed and direction, and temperature to design a simple sustainable house. 
  • Energy Transformations- Students use jumping cups, cotton reel cars, solar grasshoppers and the energy bike to investigate energy transformations. 

For further information in curriculum links, program and excursion information see below or contact us. 


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