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Wet & Wild Challenge

The challenge

Wet & Wild is a research challenge for Stage 3 level students, which integrates technology, research and language skills in the areas of Geography and Science. Students from around the state compete and are challenged to find the names of 16 organisms using mixed up sets of clues over four weeks.

Each Monday, students download 24 clues related to a wetland theme. The students will have until Friday to sort the clues to find and match with four wetland organisms. They may be plants, birds, animals or insects. 

The following week the results are published on this page. The challenge goes for four weeks. 

  • Term 3: Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5

Students may participate in class teams or group teams within a class, but each school is limited to three teams only.

Check out the past clues to see what it's like.


How do we return the answers?

Use the proforma to complete your answers. 

Email back to by 1pm on Friday each week.

How is it marked?

Total each week of 40 marks.

4 marks for a correct animal or plant common name.

If that is correct, then 1 mark for each correct clue. 

The species has to be correct for the clues to be markedEach clue can only be used once.

A team may get a species correct but not all the clues (4 marks for the species and then up to 6 marks for the correct clues).

Scientific Super Stars

Many species have similar common names. To add to the challenge you can submit the scientific name as proof that you have done your research, just like a scientist.

HOWEVER there is a risk; if a team have a correct common name but use the incorrect scientific name the team get no points as it is the incorrect species.

We have set it that way so teachers can choose which degree of difficulty their students may wish to compete at.


CONGRATULATIONS! The following teams had a perfect score for the Challenge in 2023.

Bundanoon PS                   Bull Sharks

Ettalong PS                         6H

Matthew Pearce PS          6S/5L Team 1

Richmond North PS          6W

Samuel Gilbert PS             5 SL