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Geography - Factors that shape places

Glenrock State Conservation Area

Stage 3

A walk through Glenrock State Conservation Area using a number of fieldwork techniques and other geographical tools such as maps, photographs and GPS. Students collect, record and interpret data to draw conclusions on how people have changed the environment and the management of this area. Students examine Aboriginal people’s connection to the environment, their sustainable management and influence on places.


·         Mapping: examine maps, identify: location, geographical features and land use. Use of GPS and compass.

·         Water quality testing: measuring, collecting and recording data on the water quality and interpret the results to assess human impact.

·         Vegetation and weather: measuring, collecting and recording data on vegetation and weather e.g. air temperature, wind speed, slope.

·         Aboriginal perspective: Dreaming story and discussion of how Aboriginal people and the environment influenced one another.

·         Photographs: interpretation of past and present use of Glenrock

·         Human impacts: observation of how humans have influenced and managed Glenrock.

·         Illustrations and annotated diagrams: to identify the geographical features.

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