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Geography - Biophysical interactions (Stage 6)

Students walk through Awabakal Nature Reserve investigating the issues surrounding the management of the Reserve, including the increasing pressure of urban development and the balance of protection with recreational use. Students investigate the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere at four different sites within Awabakal Nature Reserve through field testing and observations. Students survey and assess natural processes and human impacts in the reserve and devise possible management solutions.


• Introduction to the site (at AEEC)

• Collection of field data on the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere at 4 sites

• Construction of a flow chart to show an example of the interaction between the components of the biophysical environment at each site.

• Construction of a profile along a transect to describe the distribution and variety of plants in an area.

• Observation of human impacts on the reserve and discussion of their impact on the functioning of the four spheres.


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